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Choosing a Survey

I offer a comprehensive range of surveys tailored to suit your specific needs. The age of the property, your level of risk in buying the property, and any suspicions you have about the condition of the property can all influence the type of survey you choose. If you need any advice on the type of survey most appropriate to you, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.
Important Survey Questions
  • How big is the property?
  • What age is it?
  • Has it been improved or renovated?
  • Has it been altered or extended?
  • Are there any obvious problems?
  • Do you have any suspicions about the quality of the work?
  • Is the property a Listed Building?
Practical Considerations
  • What is your level of risk in buying a property?
  • How much detail do you therefore need in the survey report?
  • Do you need the whole property looking at, or just part of it?
  • How much can you afford to pay for a survey?
The answers to the above questions may help you to decide what type of survey you require.
Building Survey (level 3)
  1. Investigation of the condition and level of maintenance
  2. Includes Structural Elements (eg walls), Finishes (eg plaster) and Services (eg. drains)
  3. Detailed constructional information
  4. Technical appraisal of the structure
  5. Visual inspection plus physical checks
  6. Discussion on the symptoms and causes
  7. Advice on remedies and options
  8. Implications of any problems
  9. Includes many photographs
General Property Survey (level 2)
  1. Includes general advice on condition
  2. An economic report
  3. Urgent and Significant matters only
  4. Visual inspection only
  5. No photographs
Elemental Structural Report (level 3)
  1. Investigation of the structural elements of the whole property
    ie. floors, walls, roof, chimney breasts / stacks, stairs.
  2. Often a referral from a Mortgage Lender
  3. For Buyers or Sellers
  4. Detailed & technical investigation
  5. Determination of causes and remedies
  6. Includes photographs
Specific Defect Investigation (level 3)
  1. Investigation of parts of property e.g. cracking, bulging walls, sloping floors
  2. Often a referral from a mortgage lender
  3. For Buyers or Sellers
  4. Determination of causes and remedies
  5. Includes some photographs

Fee Quotations

The cost of a survey is not a standard fee suits all. It will depend upon the age, type, size and condition of the property, and also the type of survey required.

Obviously a larger older property in disrepair, may take longer to inspect and to write up the report. A more technical report may also take longer than a general survey.

'cheap home surveys', 'low cost surveys', 'budget reports'

If you are offered any of these, you might want to stop and ask yourself why?

Is it because the inspection is short? - the less time spent looking and thinking, the higher the risk of missed defects, or realising the extent of any problems.

Is it because the report is brief? - less information, or less reflective thought and advice, might affect your decision to buy and at what price.

Is it because the report consists of computer generated standard clauses? - a one size fits all report may not suit the individual property, nor your individual needs.

Is the online fee quote realistic? - these are normally based on standard types. So if the property you want to buy is larger, older, or in disrepair, this would require more of the surveyors time.

So would the cheapest fee quote really be your best choice?

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